Lumia 850 rumors: Lumia 850 cancelled, replaced by Lumia 650XL


There are rumors that the Microsoft Lumia 850 has been cancelled and replaced by a slightly different version of the lower-tier Lumia 650, called the Lumia 650XL.

According to WM Power User, the photo leaks of the new device show a Microsoft Lumia 650XL, which has almost the same features as the Lumia 650, with few exceptions such as a larger screen.

The new device will come with a 5.4-inch screen display, a slight increase from Lumia 650’s 5.2-inch, and a capacitive touchscreen with 720 pixels. The device will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chipset, also called Snapdragon 8909, similar to Lumia 650. The processor in the said device is a further “proof” of the rumored claim, as Lumia 850 was initially expected to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 CPU.

No rumors have been mentioned regarding the RAM and built-in memory of the Lumia 650XL. The Lumia 650 is expected to come with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, with a leeway for external expansion. If the Lumia 850 is indeed the Lumia 650XL, then the upcoming device will most likely have the same range of storage.

No details have also been revealed regarding its camera specifications, but with Lumia 650’s 8-megapixel main snapper and 5-megapixel secondary shooter, the Lumia 650XL may also have the same. It is, however, expected to have LED flash features for its front camera.

Unlike other new handsets, the Lumia 650XL is said to have no iris scanner. It is expected to come with Windows 10 out of the box, but there are qualms about this since the specifications of the phone are relatively slow and may not give the performance expected out of a Windows 10-run device.

The Lumia 650 is expected to be announced on Feb. 15. It is still uncertain whether the