Lumia 735 Verizon version to launch in the US on June 11?


Verizon subscribers in the United States will reportedly be the first Americans to be able to get their hands on Microsoft’s Lumia 735.

This is because, according to Windows Central, Verizon will be offering the Lumia 735 to its subscribers beginning on June 11. In addition, Verizon’s handset will be capable of 4G LTE and CDMA and will be powered by Windows 8.1 update 2.

This will be the first time that the handset will be available in the US. It appeared in the FCC website in November last year but was not made available to the purchasing public, the International Business Times (IB Times) reported.

Verizon was also rumored to carry the Lumia 735 with the “Nokia” name but has been renamed as the Microsoft Lumia 735, GSM Arena noted.

This launch will give Verizon a trio of Windows Phone gadgets, with one for each class, WM Power User said. The HTC One M8 will represent the high-end range, the Lumia 735 for the mid-range and the LG Lancet for the lower-end market.

WM Power User said that the Lumia 735 specifications include a 4.7-inch screen that is capable of 720p resolution, 1GB of RAM and 5-megapixel front-facing camera that is also found in its cousins, the Lumia 640 and 830.

The IB Times added that the Lumia 735 will have a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor by Qualcomm and 8GB of internal storage. The 6.7 megapixel rear camera will also reportedly be sporting high-end Carl Zeiss lens.

The Lumia 735 had reportedly been released early in other regions, including the United Kingdom.

While the Verizon handset will be released with the Windows 8.1 Update 2 OS pre-loaded, Microsoft is reportedly busy rolling out updates to Update 2 for the Lumia 735 units in other countries.

According to Softpedia, Lumia 735 owners are reporting in the Windows Central forum that they have received updates to Windows 8.1 Update 2.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed that it has rolled out an update, Softpedia added.

There has been no official announcement on the release date, but Stabley Times hinted that Apple could release the iPod Touch 6th generation together with the iPhone 6S in September of this year.