'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' Season 2 Episode 4: Trouble, drama ahead for couples


Fans of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” were taken on a ride full of tension, drama, and issues during the fourth episode of the show’s second season.

In the September 28 episode, Brandi Burnside and Max Lux’s marriage is on the rocks as the latter gets discovered in his studio with groupies and Ray J, The Boombox reports. Together with Nikki, Brandi heads for one of the groupies who has her arm around Max. This does not go well as Brandi gets escorted out by security, and Max walks away from her.

At home, Max tells his wife that he is considering divorce. He leaves the house and throws away his ring.

Meanwhile, Princess and Ray J are facing problems in their relationship as well. Ray J warns Princess to be careful about people who do not have her best interest at heart. He, of course, is pertaining to Teairra Mari. However, this backfires as Princess tells her boyfriends that she can hang out with whoever she wants as he does the same.

Princess thinks that Ray J’s comment stems from his knowledge of Drake’s party. She suspects that Teairra revealed this information, so she stages a trip to Las Vegas to find out if her friend is spying on her.

While other relationships are being tested, things are looking bright for Miles and Milan. The two finally went out for dinner in public with Miles showing Milan that he got a tattoo of the latter’s initials. This gesture apparently works as the two kiss afterwards.

On the other hand, Kamiah reveals to her blogger friend Jason Lee that Fizz is having troubles in bed. The advice that she receives is for her to break up with the guy and quit wasting her time with someone who cannot satisfy her.

Despite Kamiah’s claims that Fizz is having trouble, he goes to the V Lounge and bumps into his old girlfriend, Nikki. The two went out on a date at the theater where they share sweet moments together. Nikki even tells Fizz that she plans on tapping Jason to promote her lingerie line. Afterwards, the two kiss as Fizz buys Nikki her favorite candy.

At lunch, Nikki dines with Jason and informs him that she will bring Hazel to the team. The latter disagrees with this and hints that something happened between the two of them. When Hazel arrives, the two starts arguing, and this ended with Jason throwing a glass of water to Hazel’s face.

Episode 4 ended with Kamiah, Fizz, and Nikki arguing with each other. They suspect that Kamiah is spreading rumors about them, which she denies. To make matters worse, Nikki kicks Kamiah out by giving her a bag of toiletries. This gets thrown back to her, and Kamiah tells Nikki to get more plastic surgery.

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” airs every Monday on VH1 at 8/9c.