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'Love and Hip Hop' season 6 reunion part 2 news: Amina defends decision to get pregnant with Peter's baby amidst cheating scandal


“Love and Hip Hop” member Amina Buddafly revealed the reason why she decided to get pregnant again with Peter Gunz’ baby despite his cheating scandal with Tara Wallace.

After admitting that she is once again expecting Peter’s baby in the first part of “Love and Hip Hop” reunion special which aired last week, the actress has been receiving backlash for her seemingly reckless actions. But Amina is taking none of it as she right away took it to her official Instagram account to explain her side of things.

“There is one reason and one reason only why I got pregnant again. Actually there is no “I” in this, its “WE”! But since i am the one carrying: “I Got pregnant again because I made love to the man I love,” Amina wrote with an accompanying photo of herself assumingly taken during the filming of reunion special given that she was donning the same floor length red dress.

“Now y’all can debate on why we did it until ya hair turns grey.. I feel good knowing that WE know and you just ‘think’ you know… A baby does not keep a man and being spiteful does not make you a winner! This is not a game. This is my life. But No matter what the circumstances were and are, I now feel happy to be expecting again and even happier to know I have the best baby daddy I could ask for.@petergunz174 I love you 4ever and I will never be scared to show or say it because of people. #babyBX

As previously reported last week, Tara has also aired her side of the story about the whole Amina-Peter-Tara love triangle debacle claiming that as of now, her attention is solely on her kids including Gunther, who interestingly is also Peter’s baby.

The reunion special will be continuing tonight and a new sneak peek reveals an altercation between Cardi and Peter after the former airs her opinion on the whole fiasco. “What are they getting in return? They look stupid on TV,” Cardi told Peter. “Look how you show your daughters how women should get treated,” she added.

Peter on the other hand tried defend himself telling Cardi that she is being very disrespectful in meddling with their business.

“Love and Hip Hop” season 6 reunion part two airs tonight on VH1.