'Love and Hip Hop' news: Mendeecees Harris begins eight-year prison sentence;


“Love & Hip Hop New York” star Mendeecees Harris has checked himself into prison to serve his eight-year sentence after he was found guilty of drug trafficking last month.

The reality star checked himself in federal prison in Pennsylvania last Jan. 19, which means that he will not be appearing for the upcoming season of the show, Hollywoodlife reported.

Harris will only be serving out the reminder of his sentence since he has already served 15 months of his conviction.

According to a TMZ, who chanced upon Harris while he was partying following his sentencing, the star told the site that he had 27 parties to go to before he started to serve his prison sentence.

The star was convicted for drug trafficking charges last Dec. 1. He was also asked to pay a $171,000 fine and give up his Audi R8 as part of the penalty.

“The possibility of a jail sentence has been well known in the community. And he’s talked about that with kids who are coming up in difficult situations and have to make life choices, whether it’s a good idea to make a whole lot of money selling drugs or make less money and not have to be looking over your shoulder,” Harris’ legal counsel, Donald Thompson said.

According to the court decision, Harris will serve out his term in a minimum security prison wherein he will still be allowed to enjoy occasional privileges like watching television.

His meals will not be too shabby as well as minimum security prisons entail a different meal every day of an 8-week cycle.

His wife Yancy Smith has taken to Twitter to express gratitude for Harris’ supporters.

“Thank you for your continued support. You have no idea how much your love and encouragement…” she said.