'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' news: Milan Christopher, Sundy Carter argue on social media


“Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Milan Christopher and “Basketball Wives” alum Sundy Carter have recently taken their feud to social media, regarding their respective relationships with Miles Brock.

According to VH1, Christopher and Carter’s argument started when the former posted a cryptic message on Instagram seemingly taking a jab at his ex-boyfriend, “When your ex on social media still with that fake shiiii but still texting your phone,” he captioned the photo of a screenshot of a text exchange.

Although Christopher did not specifically named who he is referring to, fans assumed that it maybe the former reality star Miles Brock. Brock then shared his opinion on the matter stating, “When your psychotic ex is blocked from all your social media, doesn’t have your new number but still uses your name to be relevant!”

This seemed to fired up Christopher who then commented about Brock’s rumored new girlfriend Carter. “Wait.. How can a person who doesn’t have a job, a car in his name, a career, no coins in the bank, nothing going on a but a fake relationship with an irrelevant chick … consider himself relevant?” he wrote.

Carter also got into the picture and posted a comeback. “He doesn’t want to go to couples therapy with you get over it! For you to speak in such a way about @siirbrock screams your fake having a** is too invested and emotional!” she stated. In another lengthy message, she also accused Christopher of apparently lying about his name and having a criminal past. Reports claim that it remains to be seen how the three will get over their fight.

In a related noted, another cast member of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” Moniece Slaughter revealed that she is not happy being in the show. “This job ain’t paying us. It’s turning me into a savage. It’s made me severely unhappy, so I’ve decided to stop making time for it,” she shared.

One of her followers clarified some things on her statement asking if she gets to live in the houses the show rent for the stars. “That’s the problem. You guys think you know everything. They don’t pay to rent us houses and cars. We pay for that. Even when they’re not paying us yet,” she answered.