'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' season 5 news: dialogue about gender identity


Season 5 of VH1’s reality series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” will be full of drama, exciting moments, and heated arguments about to unfold among the cast members.

Following the recent release of episode 2, which featured the show’s newcomers seemingly stirring up some troubles in the narrative, viewers were also able to see the new season continuing with what could be an explosive start. Tommie suffered a major breakdown over Scrap as they discussed her dispute with the mother of Tommie’s child, Tiarra, during Mimi Faust’s party.

Meanwhile, Scrappy revealed that he was currently hurting due to his breakup with Bambi, but it seemed like he developed a crush on new member Betty Idol, who he was supposed to be pursuing a professional relationship with rather than a possible romantic one. Newbie D. Smith also took the spotlight when he revealed to Tammy Rivera that he is transitioning from male to female.

The network revealed that he and Chris Gould, who identifies as male, are important parts of the show. “Their participation is creating a dialogue about gender identity. In an effort to continue that conversation, we’d like to provide a list of definitions and resources for anyone in need of help defining what transgender means, supporting others in the community, and educating yourself and those around you,” VH1 said.

Chris is dating Mimi, but since he claims that he is a man in a female vessel, they are not considered to be in a lesbian relationship. In an interview after the airing of the episode, Ariane interrogated Mimi about the status and details of her relationship with Chris.

Moreoever, down the pipeline, Scrappy will ask for the help of Uncle Stevie J about his current situation of being caught in the middle of Tiarra and Tommie. On the other hand, Stevie J is expected to reveal the truth about his alleged two-year old daughter with another woman.

New episodes of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” season 5 airs every Monday at 8 P.M. on VH1.