Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 Mimi Faust has more problems after Nikko London's additional revelations, Joseline postpones wedding with Stevie, Joc moms verbally murder Khadivah


Nikko London adds to Mimi Faust’s many problems for season 4. According to a report by Christian Today, London recorded conversations in case the book deal does not pan out. Something bigger than the sex tape issue may be at stake right now; it is a much awaited revelation with the upcoming episode 8 of season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Joseline Hernandez postponed her wedding with Stevie after talking with Karlie Redd about Stevie’s involvement with Mimi and Jessica Dime, and it is the second piece of the zinger that the last episode left for TV viewers, a cliffhanger which spilled juice right at Stevie’s face and can only be concluded for the June 15 airing of season 4 episode 8. To a certain extent, it still involved Mimi. Joseline learned from Karlie Redd during workout about how Stevie is still working with Mimi.

The Boom Box reports that MF Management company is a partnership between Mimi and Stevie where they represent Jessica Dime and Tiffany Foxx. Jessica Dime is another person that Joseline is reportedly not a fan of. She worked out with Karlie Redd and learned about all these latest news and the last bits of detail apparently impacted her desire to get married to Stevie. After previously being so elated about marrying Stevie, this will really change the dynamic for the upcoming episodes.

Fashion and Style reports that the meeting of the Yung Joc moms is an annual event and they apparently do not like the new girlfriend Khadiyah and especially ex-girlfriend Sina. Joc wants all his ex-girlfriends to get along with Khadiyah and insists that she be part of the blended family. The Joc babies’ moms club includes legal wife Alex, and ex-girlfriends Fatimah, Hasina and Carla. Ironically, even when Carla and Sina were impregnated by Joc at the same time, they did not have any more issues with each other in this extended family setup. Wet Paint reports that in the last episode, Khadivah called Sina “Baby Mama No. 4” and basically waged war against the momma’s club in doing so.