Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta season 4: Bambi and Scrappy patch things up but Bambi doesn't want him to move in just yet


Stars of “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” are in for some major blast from the past drama, with some reconciliations happening in between.

Last week’s episode 15 showed that Momma Dee is working her way to a happier life with Ernest. As part of her wedding plans, she asked Erica Dixon, Scrappy’s distant ex and mother to Imani to be part of the entourage. Erica was cautious at first but she agreed to take part in the event.

However, when they were in the wedding boutique, Erica found out that Bambi will also become a bridesmaid. Ultimately, the two got head-to-head with each other and threw some insults which may probably set things up for more face-off in the future. Momma Dee said about the two, “You all gotta be down with the crown.”

The sneak peak for the new episode revealed that Scrappy does not know about the plans.

Meanwhile, Bambi will say her apologies to Scrappy after appearing in the steamy music video and working with Laudi.

According to Christian Today, she will say that she needs time to examine their relationship as she also wants a life outside being his girlfriend. Her confession comes after the romantic walk she and Scrappy had, where the latter tried to patch up their differences.

Bambi said that she does not want to stay in the “promise ring” stage. When she revealed on the camera that Scrappy wants to move in with her, she notes that she wants having a place on her own and it is enough for her now that she has a key to Scrappy’s house.

Moreover, Jessica Dime and Tiffany Fox seem to have a more rocky encounter the second time around.

On the bonus clip shown after the brawl episode aired, Jessica commented on Tiffany’s statement that Mimi Faust said Jessica “was too rough around the edges.”

“Don’t nobody call me rough around the edges around these two… edges rough, hair rough, everything rough… outfit rough. They look like they had a rough life,” Jessica quips.

New episodes of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta airs every Monday on VH1.