'Longmire' season 5: Fans speculate on who broke into Longmire's house at the end of season 4


American western themed police procedural drama “Longmire” is currently on a season break and will come back for a fifth season in a still unspecified date. In the time being, followers of the show are all at the edge of their seats trying to patiently wait what is in store for the characters in the show.

Season 4 ended in a cliffhanger which makes it more difficult to calmly look out for official news from the production staff of the show. Fans are eager to know who broke into Walt Longmire’s (Robert Taylor) house in the worst time. The perpetrator chose to trespass when Longmire and Dr. Donna Monaghan (Ally Walker) were having an intimate moment with each other.

Various speculations have arisen regarding the true identity of the intruder. Some say that there is a very huge possibility that he is Walker Browning since previous shots have shown him no longer on his hospital bed. Even so, if it turns out that these speculations are true, there is still the question of how Browning was able to find out where Longmire lives and how he was able to discharge himself in the hospital.

One other person of interest is Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) given that he does not have that much of a good history with Longmire. Still, fans are skeptical if a few altercations and arguments will make him go as far as committing a crime to get back at the latter.

Other theories include that whoever broke into Longmire’s house is not after him but after Doctor Donna instead. If this is the case, there is a huge possibility that the person who burned the van may also be the same person who tried to get into Longmire’s home.

Despite not having a definite airing date yet, fans are happy to know that “Longmire” will be airing longer episodes when it comes back for season 5. This will not only allow more air time for the show but also additional space to maneuver in terms of the story and sub-plots of the show.