'Longmire' season 5 renewal still uncertain, fans rally for social media campaign similar to last season for the show to continue


The crime drama series “Longmire” is once again waiting for its fate for a possible fifth installment after the series ended its season four. The series initially premiered on June 2012 and continued each year with a new series. However, the third season was cancelled on August 2014 by A&E. It was eventually renewed for a fourth season in November last year under the wings of a new network, Netflix.

Back when the show was cancelled by A&E after three seasons, fans made online campaigns and social media noise in order for the show to continue. Fans were successful in their petition as Netflix picked up “Longmire” and aired ten episodes for its fourth season. As of now, the network is silent as to whether the show will continue with a fifth season, but fans are already rounding up to make the same campaign for “Longmire”, hoping to yield the same result.

As of now, fans are reportedly making noise in social media, using the hash tag #LongmireS5NETFLIX. Last week, Gospel Herald noted that the Facebook page put up for the campaign works in such a way that “Every share on Facebook of a Longmire Posse post will go directly to Netflix & Longmire pages, as they will be tagged in every post! If you tweet, be sure to retweet all content with the hashtag on the poster, and @netflix in the tweet – as those too, will be seen by Netflix.” As of now, the page already has over 50,000 likes, but it is still uncertain whether Netflix will give in to the plea of the fans.

Ecumenical News noted that Netflix is a network that takes decision slowly and does not rush when it comes to their announcements. They are perhaps still assessing the stability in terms of number of fans before deciding whether to continue for season five. With this, fans will just have to keep pushing with the campaigns in order to prove that there is a steady number of viewers wanting a continuation.

Longmire” is a crime drama series based on the novel of Craig Johnson entitled “Walt Longmire Mysteries.” It revolves around the story of Walt Longmire, a country sheriff who investigates major crimes while campaigning for re-election against one of his deputies.