Longmire season 5 renewal: Fan group to launch online event calling for show to be renewed for another season


Netflix released online last month the entire fourth season of the series “Longmire,” starring Robert Taylor.

According to MNR Daily, the release of the fourth season took a considerable amount of time. When the new series came out, many fans binge watched all of the 10 episodes at Netflix and were left up in the air with the fourth season’s cliffhanger ending.

Longmire had also previously aired on A&E but was cancelled in the third season.

As Netflix has not made any statements yet regarding the renewal or cancellation of the series, a group of loyal Longmire fans are reportedly gearing up to launch an online event to call on Netflix to renew the series.

According to Inquisitr, the group Longmire Posse has created an event through their Page on Facebook, and called on fans to join them in expressing their commitment to the series to hopefully convince Netflix to renew Longmire for a fifth season.

The group said in its invite that the event, which it called the Stampede, will take place for an hour on October 7 and will involve sharing posts made by the group on Facebook. All of those shares will allegedly go to the Longmire pages on Facebook as well as Netflix’s social media page.

“During the hour long Stampede, every share on Facebook of a Longmire Posse post, will go directly to Netflix & Longmire pages, as they will be tagged in every post,” the group explained.

The group will also share content on Twitter in which Netflix will be tagged, and Longmire fans are encouraged to retweet this content as well.

While Netflix has not said anything yet about renewing Longmire, cast member Ally Walker expressed confidence that the series will return for one more season.

“So I’m pretty sure I’m going back, and we’ll see what happens,” Walker, who plays Dr. Sue Monahan in the series, said in an interview with Parade.