'Longmire' season 5 news: Writer shares next installment will not be darker or more violent


Since Netflix has given the go signal for the renewal of its drama original series “Longmire” for season 5, which will be composed of 10 episodes, speculations regarding the plot have started circulating online.

Seven weeks after the fourth season was fully released, the streaming giant ordered the continuation of the story. Fans took it upon themselves to speculate what may happen, with one tweeting to show writer Tony Tost if it may become all gloom, doom, and pain. If ever the prediction happens, she may stop watching.

Tost reportedly straightened out the records and stated that the upcoming installment will not become darker or more violent, and their production team only wants to deliver a good story to its supporters.

He has also been actively teasing his followers on his social media account regarding the development of th next season. Early this month, he shared the music currently playing in the writers’ room presumably suggesting that they are well and underway with the planning for the plot. “Playing today in the ‘Longmire’ writer’s room: John Moreland ‘Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars,'” he said. 

Reports claim that season 5 is expected to have a good narrative especially since the last one ended with a cliffhanger.

Viewers may remember that Robert Taylor’s lead character Walt Longmire was having a romantic moment with Ally Walker’s Donna Sue Monahan when they were suddenly disturbed by an intruder to the former’s house.

There are hearsays that the person who broke in may be Walker Browning, played by Callum Keith Rennie, as he was last seen having recovered from being hospitalized. There are also suggestions that it may be Jacob Nighthorse, Zachary, or Sam Poteet, played by A Martinez, Barry Sloane and Hank Cheyne, respectively.

It remains to be seen who the person actually is when season 5 begins filming next year.