'Longmire' season 5 news: Show to start production on March 23; release in September?


Despite the poor turn-around of the fourth season of “Longmire,” fans are still excited about season 5 of the show, which was reported to start production this week. Netflix has not been generous in disclosing more details, so speculations are circulating regarding the new season’s plot.

Master Herald reported that filming will start on March 23. Incidentally, cast member Lou Diamond Phillips confirmed through his Twitter account that production will start this week. Phillips plays the role of Henry Standing Bear, the Native American belonging to the Cheyenne tribe. He is the closest friend of Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor).

The upcoming season will reveal who broke into Longmire’s house. MNR Daily speculated that the suspect would probably be Walker Browning (Callum Keith Rennie), who happens to be the oil rig foreman who Longmire shot and arrested.

In another report, Ecumenical News speculated that the suspect could be Jacob Nighthorse (A. Martinez) because he and Longmire have been long-time enemies. In addition, Dr. Monaghan (Ally Walker) was also listed as a potential suspect.

Although Walt and Dr. Monaghan was shown to have a special relationship, another love angle speculated to heat up in the upcoming season is between Walt and Vic (Katee Sackhoff). A photo of Walt and Vic was posted on the official Facebook account of the show, and it was captioned “What does the future hold for Walt and Vic?” Fans took it as a teaser that something may bloom from the relationship of the two in the next season.

Regarding the release date, Crossmap speculated that it will be released this September, following the release of the fourth season last September 2015.