'Longmire' season 5 release date nears as production begins this week


Netflix’s American western drama “Longmire” will start production of its fifth season this week.

As previously reported, series cast member, Lou Diamond Phillips revealed on his official Twitter account that “Longmire” will commence production on the 23<sup>rd after a fan asked him about the drama. With a clear production date, it can be assumed that Netflix is once again gearing for a September release for “Longmire.”

Website Breathe Cast backed up the speculation citing that when the video on demand site picked up the show last year, they chose September as its release date and they may stick with that.

As of now, the plot and specifics for the next chapter of the TV show are still tightly under wraps and fans have been clamoring for any plausible information on what might go down for Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) in the next chapter. Season 4 ended on a major thriller as an intruder interrupted Walt and Dr. Donna Monaghan’s (Ally Walker) intimate moment. Since then, numerous fan speculations have popped up online presenting different scenarios on who might be the unknown subject.

While story-wise, nothing is yet official, one thing that fans can look forward to is the additional air time that “Longmire” will have once returns. As early as last year, rumors about longer episodes have been circulating. The said additional time might give some attention to side characters.

“We were previously constrained to 42 minutes and as a result, a lot of my work hit the floor. With an additional 20 minutes, we can let those moments breathe and round out those characters and it’s a much more cinematic experience episode to episode,” Phillips told Variety in an interview.