'Longmire' season 5 spoilers and news: New and familiar faces to come next season


The upcoming season of “Longmire” will see some new and familiar faces.

Season 4 of “Longmire” ended with a cliffhanger when Walt’s (Robert Taylor) house was seen being broken into. The finale did not show who trespassed into Walt’s home, which had fans worried about the character’s fate.

While there has yet to be any news regarding the matter, Carter Matt revealed that the return of “Longmire” will see the introduction of a new character. It was stated that the new character will be someone who is connected to Dr. Monahan, played by Ally Walker.

TV Line also reported that the show is looking for new cast members to be part of an Irish crime family. With that, many fans can expect the show to take a new turn as they introduce crime families into the mix.

It was also confirmed that Sterling Beaumon will be joining the cast of the upcoming season. He will be playing the role of Andrew Price, a preppy school kid. It was hinted that he will be caught in an interesting situation when he arrives in town. There are teasers hinting that he is actually Donna’s son.

In addition, “Longmire” cast member Katee Sackhoff, who plays the role of Vic, announced that the upcoming season will also see the return of a previous character. However, she did not share much detail about who will be the returning character.

Fans have been making theories regarding who will be returning to the series. There are speculations that Omar, played by Louis Herthum, and Branch, played by Bailey Chase, could be the ones returning, but these details have yet to be revealed.

“Longmire” season 5 is expected to air on Netflix this fall. There is no official release date announced yet.