'Longmire' season 5 news: Netflix boss talks about show's importance in their lineup


American crime drama “Longmire” has been given the go ahead by Netflix for a fifth season. And although not much has been said on the specifics of the show, followers of it are just happy to know that it will continue to air for another season.

The hit crime show that has slowly climbed up the roster in terms of viewership ratings, has become one of the most successful runs on Netflix, arguably doing much well compared to when it aired on cable TV. During Netflix’s presentation at the recently held Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour, a couple of interesting statements were given by the streaming service’s head Ted Sarandos further solidifying the show’s importance in their overall show lineup.

Sarandos pointed out the “Longmire” is a great medium to expand their viewership to older audience. This has been the show’s long overdue advantage over their competitors which was not tapped by the previous network, A&E. If not, the cable television channel even took it as a disadvantage as they mainly want to target the younger and hipper viewers.

Netflix saw the show as a means of getting more and more mature subscribers.

On top of that, “Longmire” has done well on its first season with Netflix. Despite the fact that online media platform does not disclose their viewership by the numbers, Sarandos said that the network is very pleased with the rating of audience they have gotten.

This is definitely good news for fans of the show who campaigned tirelessly for it to be back on air after A&E dropped it at the end of season 3.

The finale of the fourth season was filled with cliffhangers and fans are already clamoring to know what is next for Walt (Robert Taylor). Furthermore, rumors of longer air time to accommodate subplots and better storytelling may happen when season 5 returns, which is expected to drop sometime in September.