Longmire season 5 renewal gets greenlight from Netflix; next season answers questions about Henry's fate


The journey has never been easy for the Western crime drama Longmire. Before it was picked up by Netflix, it was dropped by A&E after three seasons for not targeting a specific demographic.

After its fourth season aired on the online streaming site, fans of the show had to launch a month long petition to ensure that the show will be picked up for a fifth installment.

In the show’s Facebook page, a post attributed to the show’s lead character Sheriff Walt Longmire said: “We’ve never been one to back down from a fight. Longmire will return to Netflix for Season 5.”

The post garnered comments of gratitude from fans who raved about the show’s fourth season and lauded Netflix for keeping the quality show alive.

“Season 4 was great Netflix! Looking forward to more; such a great series and a terrific cast all round,” one of the comments read.

“It’s great news that we will have a season 5 of Longmire. If it is as good as season 4 then Netflix will have to give us a season 6. Thanks Netflix for keeping a good program alive,” another one read.

Season 5 is expected to address the cliffhanger where Henry will be taken by police officer Mathis. There was also the question of an intruder who tried to get inside Walt’s home.

Netflix released the fourth season of Longmire last September 10 to mostly positive reviews from television viewers and critics.

“It is well-constructed all aroundconfidently made, well-acted, and the writing is much smarter than many shows like it. It hums, each episode these three feeling more well-paced than the one before,” Brian Tallerico of entertainment site RobertEbert.com said.

Yahoo TV’s kept it more simple, and narrowed down the entire season in one sentence.

“Longmire is in fine, tight-lipped-verging-on-surly form,” he said.