Longmire season 4 news Ally Walker joins with secretive and mysterious role, author Craig Johnson makes giant strides in his career


Actress Ally Walker was added to the burgeoning cast of Longmire for season 4 as confirmed by TV Line and reported by Christian Today. The “Tell Me You Love Me”, “Profile”, and “Sons of Anarchy” star is being considered for a currently secretive and mysterious role, and will be playing a possibly dark role in keeping with the theme left behind by the previous season that terminated with a gun shot.

Walker previously played the role of a very ruthless agent in Sons of Anarchy by FX network. Another returning character is Travis, who is played by Derek Philips. He confirmed this via Twitter. “Travis is back on #longmire. About to go shoot a scene w/ @mamalou8 #FNL#FNLreunion#travismurphy,” he tweeted.

The happiest of all now that the series has been renewed by Netflix is the author of the book series, Craig Johnson. He claims that the comeback of the show this fall was largely due to the fans’ fervent desire to keep the show. He also expressed his thankfulness to Netflix for picking up the show for its continuation according to the Venture Capital Post. The book series was inspired only because he needed an additional personal project to work on with his Wyoming homestead. He works at his own ranch and was compelled to create the American novel that later became the Longmire series according to an interview of Johnson by the News Observer.

A&E cancelled the show after the third season but Netflix took it to premiere this coming fall. There will be ten episodes for the fourth season that will follow moments after the last scene of the third season. The game changing discovery of Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) on who killed his wife went off to pursue the killer.

John is currently out and promoting his book series continuously. The latest and 13<sup>th installment of Longmire is entitled “Dry Bones.” He will come to promote the books at Pittsboro and Raleigh on May 31<sup>st.