'Little Women: LA' star Terra Jol says she's battling health issues


The sixth season of “‘Little Women: LA” premiered on Feb. 28. On her recent blog, cast member Terra Jol shared her excitement for the show and some of her personal hurdles.

“It’s incredible that we are already starting the crazy world of season six! There’s going to be drama, tears and laughter,” Terra began her blog (via People). She emphasized that the reality series is not without the screaming.

Terra commended her co-star Jasmine Sorge for being a great friend. “She is a one-of-a-kind friend that I love getting to know more and more,” she said. She also expressed how much she adored Jasmine’s firstborn, Mason, for his contagious laughter and energy.

The Lifetime star recalled that the pregnant Jasmine had a baby shower organized by Briana, but she was not able to attend because she did not receive an invitation from the event organizer. However, Terra stated that she’s happy for her friend and that Jasmine deserves the best.

On her blog, Terra admitted that she doesn’t have a cordial relationship with Briana. “We have said a lot of hurtful things that make it seem like we still aren’t where we were in our friendship,” she said and added that viewers of the series would soon see their ups and downs.

Regarding her participation in the 23rd season of “Dancing with the Stars,” Terra felt sad for not being able to get into the finals. The Lifetime star and her dance partner, Sasha Farber, were eliminated during the tenth week of the competition.

Also, 36-year-old Terra revealed that she’s currently enduring some health problems.

“I’m still going through health issues that may change my path in life. Hearing how concerned everyone is melts my heart and yet gives me that overwhelming feeling of anxiety all over again,” she said.

Meanwhile, “Little Women: LA” season 6 will continue on March 7 on Lifetime.