‘Little Women: LA’ cast news: Terra Jolé slams Elena Gant

A promotional image for "Little Women: LA" (Facebook/LittleWomen)

The feud between Terra Jolé and Elena Gant gets deeper as the current season of “Little Women: LA” progresses.

In her recent blog (via People), Jolé gave a run down of the events that happened in the latest episode of the reality series. She also listed her own opinion with regards to what’s happening between her friends and frenemies.

“We all go thug life if our friends are in trouble, so hopefully Mary won’t bring out her hood roots,” Jolé stated. She did so to defend her fashion designer friend Mary Russell after the latter’s run-in with Elena.

In the episode, Elena visited Mary during her runway auditions for a fashion show in London, England. The British designer is “full of crap,” according to Elena. Mary, on the other hand, believes that the reality star failed as a designer. Therefore, she was just jealous of her.

“Mary’s catwalk was yet another catastrophe with Elena. Personally, Elena should have shut her Russian mouth out of respect when attending someone else’s audition,” Jolé wrote.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant believes that Briana Mason and Jasmine Arteaga Sorge would not be close friends again since Jasmine is starting to bond with Elena.

“It’s a normal transition for your friendship to change especially when trying to negotiate your home life,” Jolé explained. She added that Elena and Jasmine also formed a bond through their husbands.

Meanwhile, the mother-of-two is hopeful for Mary’s relationship with Tonya Banks. She asserted that the two women have a lot in common. Both are mothers of one kid, fashion designers, strong women, and “bossy as hell.”

Jolé ended her blog by appreciating pro artist Scott Rohlfs.

“He’s one of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with and it was an honor he chose one of my photos,” said the 36-year-old Lifetime star.

The next episode of “Little Women LA” season 6 will air on May 2 on Lifetime.