Lionel Messi news: Football superstar to meet young fan wearing 'plastic jersey'


Lionel Messi’s five-year old Afghan fan will soon have one of the best times of his life as the management of the Afghan Football Federation has said that they have been getting emails from Messi himself and FC Barcelona, arranging the meeting between the young fan and the football superstar.

Murtaza Ahmadi, probably the youngest fan of Messi, became a viral online topic after his photo was uploaded by his brother. In the picture, the little boy is wearing an improvised Messi jersey made of a plastic bag with the name and the number of the football player written at the back 

According to Fox News Latino, the father of Murtaza, who comes from the Hazara minority in Afghanistan, had said that his son had always asked his family to get him a Messi jersey. However, due to their location and distance from the city, it was difficult for them to grant the wish of the boy.

“In fact, he woke up in the middle of the night and started crying in his bed, until he found a plastic bag one day and took it to his brothers so they could make a Messi jersey for him,” the elder Ahmadi said. 

AFF spokesman Syed Ali Kazemi told Al Jazeera that they are doing their best to facilitate the meeting. 

Meanwhile, Ahmadi has talked to Al Jazeera about his fascination for football. “I love Messi and football. I will meet him one day,” he said in the article published on Feb. 1.

The athlete posted a photo of the young football enthusiast on Feb. 2; this time, the young fan is wearing a real Messi jersey.

Thanks to Ahmadi’s undeniable passion for the sport, he already has the upper hand should he decide to pursue a football career in the future.

“The passion that Murtaza carries for football, we will do everything in our capacity to train him to be a part of our Afghanistan football team,” said Kazemi.

Ahmadi was initially mistaken for an Iraqi Kurd when his photo wearing the homemade Messi jersey went viral online. However, his uncle living in Australia clarified things and pointed out that it was his nephew on the picture.