LG V20 release date, features: New handset to come with flagship-worthy specs


South Korea’s lesser known smartphone brand, LG, recently unveiled its new flagship handset for this year, and after just several months of promotion and teasers, the gorgeous LG V20 is finally out to impress everyone. The official successor to the popular V10 will be filling in the responsibility of giving LG a way to steal the limelight from its rival, Samsung.

Going back to the V20, LG is marketing it as a device that focuses more on improved multimedia features instead of monstrous specs and aesthetic qualities. The fact that last year’s V10 was also designed for a premium multimedia experience suggests that there’s really nothing new with how the company is handling fierce competition in the smartphone industry.

According to a Tech Times report, the V20 is pretty much similar to the V10 in several ways, most notably in having the 5.7-inch IPS LCD screen display. Likewise, the 2560×1440 pixel resolution is also retained in the upcoming smartphone, as well as the secondary optional display.

But unlike the V10, LG finally realized the need to improve on looks of the phone. There was no way the rubber back of the predecessor phone was to be retained, so the company opted for a better-looking aluminum alloy body instead. It may not be the most expensive and high-end material that can be used as a mobile device’s body, but it’s definitely an upgrade from the V10.

As far as the internal features are concerned, LG kept it modest by using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor for the V20, the same chip used by the company in another one of their smartphones, the LG G5. Random access memory (RAM) is, meanwhile, listed at 4GB, with the default file storage configuration at 64GB. Good thing the South Korean giant decided to go higher than 32GB since a potential mobile operating system update could lead to more space needed for new apps and games, not to mention the versatile multimedia features this phone is rumored to be filled with.

The new LG V20 is expected to hit the stores before the year ends.