New LG V30 color variant, Raspberry Rose, announced

LG V30
LG announces a new color variant for the V30, Raspberry Rose.

LG’s newest flagship phone, the LG V30, is one of the most elegant-looking smartphones today, thanks to its combination of sleek design and high-end materials. However, the South Korean technology giant is set to make the V30 look even classier with an upcoming release of a new color, Raspberry Rose.

The new eye-catching smartphone version will make its way to the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada next week. Shortly after that, the color will be released in LG’s home market of South Korea.

In the near future, the Raspberry Rose variant will be made available to the rest of Asia and Europe. As of the moment, LG has not revealed any plans to release the variant to the United States or Canada.

While some may think that Raspberry Rose is just LG’s fancy way of saying pink, the company claims that the hue is not like any previous handset color offered by LG or any other smartphone company. The new color features a deep pink, which the company describes as an “intense saturated version of red.”

LG designed the new variant for fashion-conscious consumers who want their smartphones to stand out. The new romance-inspiring color also provides for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for loved ones.

The new Raspberry Rose V30 variant will have the same features and specifications as the LG V30 that was launched last year. The version joins the roster of eye-catching hues in which the V30 is available. The previously released version of the flagship phone includes colors like Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, Moroccan Blue, and Lavender Violet.

Aside from the new V30 color, LG may have a lot more in store for the CES. During last year’s event, the company announced a surprising five new mid-range smartphones, including the LG K10, LG K8, LG K4, LG K3, and the LG Stylo 3.