LG unveils new 65-inch rollable television

LG has unveiled its new rollable television. (LG Display)

South Korean technology pioneer LG has unveiled a brand new 65-inch rollable television with an OLED display which will be showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week. The futuristic television is a high-definition resolution display that can be rolled up and hidden when not in use.

The company has not revealed much in terms of the specifications of the rollable television, but it is said to sport OLED display technology 4K resolution. The display panel is designed exceedingly thinner than any ordinary display, allowing it to easily be rolled away into a box the size of a soundbar.

The rollable television is only a prototype version of the concept that LG has been developing the last few years. During the 2017 CES, the company showed off a tech demo of the concept and its possible applications.

Although LG has applied the idea to smaller-scale projects, like the LG G Flex 2, which features a flexible display, this is the first time that the technology is being used in a large-sized device like a television.

The rollable form factor of the new prototype device could be useful in making the television easier to store and to transport. However, the concept itself has potential to be applied to a host of other uses aside from home entertainment.

The unveiling of the 65-in rollable television comes after LG revealed its humongous new display, an 88-inch 8K television. The resolution of the massive display is 7680 x 4320, which is 16 times more than 1080p resolution and four times that of 4K displays.

Unfortunately, both the 88-inch 8K panel and the 65-inch rollable display are still in their prototype versions. LG has not announced any plans to release the displays to the market, so technology savvy consumers and early adopters who want to try them out may have to wait for some more time.