LG news: 'Gram' laptops weighing less than a kilo coming to US markwt


LG Electronics has made its first entry into the laptop market in the United States.

According to IGN, the South Korean tech giant has released the ultra-slim LG Gram laptops through the Microsoft Store.

The Verge noted that the laptop is sold through the Microsoft Store in two sizes: the 14-inch and the 13-inch variants.

The article also revealed that the ultra slim Gram laptops are seemingly priced to compete with Apple’s MacBook laptops. According to the report, the 13-inch and 14-inch models come with starting prices of $899 and $999, respectively, which is well within the price range for Apple’s MacBooks.

Those base models will have a Core i5 processor, 128GB of storage space, and 8GB of RAM.

IGN said that a 14-inch model valued at $1399 will have an Intel Core i7 processor, and a 256GB solid state drive for storage.

Unfortunately, the Verge revealed that the Gram laptops will run on 5th generation Broadwell chips, instead of the new Skylake sets from Intel. The report also revealed that there is no keyboard backlighting when using the Gram laptops; nor does it have an SD card reader, although LG compensated by giving the laptops an HDMI port and a microSD card reader.

Value Walk noted that the laptops all weigh less than a kilogram, and are lighter than Apple’s MacBook Air, which had been considered as the lightest of all laptops in the market.

The article also reported that the Gram laptops will be sold with Windows 10 pre-installed when buying from Microsoft’s online stores.

Value Walk also noted the absence of USB ports, and surmises that LG expects users to use Cloud storage for their files in a manner similar to Chromebooks.

Despite its shortcomings, LG Electronics USA’s Marketing Vice President, David VanderWaal, expressed confidence in the laptops’ competitiveness.

“[We] are confident consumers will respond well to this product that combines powerful performance with lightweight design,” Value Walk quoted VanderWaal from a company press release.