LG G6 Mini news: Newest leak mentions alleged official name of device

A promotional image of the LG G6. (Facebook/LGMobile)

After rumors floated last May that LG will release a smaller version of the G6, a recent leak confirms that they may be true.

Trusted tipster Evan Blass posted some key details of the device, including its official name. “This will be known as the LG Q6 (recently hit FCC under model number M700) — also 18.5:9, but with a single 13MP camera & 3GB RAM,” Blass tweeted.

The aspect ratio is close to 18:9 that was rumored earlier. However, Blass did not mention the screen size reduction. Rumors suggest that LG will shrink the screen size from 5.7 inches, down to 5.4 inches for the LG Q6.

Furthermore, the device will go by the model number of M700. It has also been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Meanwhile, a report from The Christian Post said that LG Q6’s aspect ratio will still allow users to divide the screen into two perfect squares. This feature was one of the most notable ones from the LG G6. It will allow users to multi-task with much ease.

The downside, however, may come in the camera department. Unlike its predecessor, the mini version of the LG G6 will only sport one camera instead of the former’s two. The LG G6 featured a dual camera setup comprised of a wide-angle lens and a standard lens.

A report from TechRadar added that the upcoming device will likely feature the Snapdragon 821 chipset from Qualcomm. It is yet to be seen if LG will take a different direction. It is also uncertain if they will power the LG Q6 using the newer Snapdragon 835. Should the company opt to use a newer chipset, the public can expect the price of the device to be close to the G6’s.

Nothing is set in stone yet. Fans are advised to wait for further announcements.