LG G5 rumors: new device features full metal unibody


A report from Naver said that the next flagship from LG, the G5, will be sporting an all-metal body.

Similar to the trend that other industry players are using, such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the move to a full-metal unibody design will give LG a more premium look. Back in 2006, the company already tried a semi-metal feature through the “shine” premium, but was a bit reluctant to offer the full metal body. It has also struggled in differentiating itself, said the same report from Naver. This time, LG aims to raise the caliber in the upcoming flagship, where G5 is also expected to come in a new look.

However, there are some concerns about the planned upgrade. A report from iDigital Times pointed out that a metal unibody would eliminate the leeway for a removable battery and microSD slot. The microSD slot option has sometimes been overlooked as a necessary feature that contributes to the decision of the purchaser to buy the handset. Nonetheless, HTC has proven that its unibody design can still accommodate the microSD slot. Now, it is up to LG whether it will still offer this important feature or not.

As for the other specifications, the LG G5 is expected to come with a 5.6-inch screen display with 3840×2160 pixel resolution. The device may also use Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, given the timing of its launch, as well as a RAM of 3GB to 4GB. As for its internal storage, the handset may have 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB options. For its camera, the rear shooter may go as high as 20 megapixels while its front shooter may also be equally remarkable at 10 megapixels. Aside from these, it may boast a flexible touchscreen feature. Cost-wise, LG G5 may retail at around $900.

The handset may come around the first quarter of 2016.