LG G4 Pro news: is the LG G4 Pro the Nexus 2015? 'super premium' smartphone coming this year


Korean phone maker LG has bared its plans to release a “super premium” smartphone before this year ends. Will this super premium smartphone be the Nexus 5 that it is making for Google?

According to Android Headlines, LG Electronics President Cho Jun-Ho told investors and analysts during a call to discuss the company’s earnings that the company is still committed to its plans to launch a smartphone in what he called the “super premium” category around the second half of this year. This plan is intended to offset the poor sales performance of the LG G4 in the market.

However, Android Headlines said, LG is also looking to release other variants of the LG G4 as well. This is a move that LG had done previously, by releasing the G3 Beat and G3 S versions of the LG G3, the predecessor to the G4.

One of these variations, MNR Daily said, is the LG G4 Pro, whose rumored specs also fit into the premium category. The LG G4 Pro will feature a bigger display than the flagship G4. Speculations are pointing to a 5.8-inch screen that is capable of QHD resolution. The LG G4 Pro is also expected to carry Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 processor, which will spare the upcoming G4 Pro from the overheating problems that had been reported for the Snapdragon 810.

The LG G4 Pro’s processor will also be backed up by 4 GB of RAM, MNR Daily added.

Because of the similarity in specifications, an article at Yibada speculated that the LG G4 Pro might turn out to be the Nexus device, code-named “Bullhead,” that LG is developing for Google. According to the article, the G4 Pro’s superlative specs are similar to what the upcoming Nexus 5 device is rumored to have.

The Yibada article also said that the timing of the G4 Pro’s release, pegged to be around September, makes it a likely candidate for the LG Nexus 2015 flagship that is rumored to be released late September as well.