Leonardo DiCaprio news: 'The Revenant' actor to produce movie adaptation of 'The Sandcastle Empire'


There is no stopping actor Leonardo DiCaprio from pushing for his environmental advocacy. After saying that he is inspired by the Pope, and that the religious leader’s encyclical is one of the most valuable things in terms of the history of climate change, he is taking his fight for environmental protection to the next level by producing a post-apocalyptic film that will showcase climate change and its devastating effects. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson, his partner at production company Appian Way, have shown an inclination toward producing the movie adaptation of Kayla Olson’s “The Sandcastle Empire.” The book is said to be set in 2049, and the Earth is at the brink of destruction due to climate change. The time and setting of the story serves as the backdrop for the story about a group of a radical faction called Wolfpack, which usurps the government and gains control, and a girl named Eden and her escape from the Wolfpack labor camp. As she and three other girls retreat from the island, Eden discovers vital information about her missing father and her mission to defeat the Wolfpack.

However, according to Australia Network News, what really draws DiCaprio to producing the movie adaptation of the book is its environmental message. He recently said in an interview with US Weekly that he considers the Pope inspiring and revolutionary on the issue of climate change.

DiCaprio has also shared his experience in Calgary, where his multi-awarded movie “The Revenant” was shot, implicating how climate change has affected the place and its people. He has also said that he wants to finish his documentary on his journey in Calgary in the coming months so that he can share to the people the daunting reality of climate change that he has captured on video.

“It’s a sin to destroy our planet,” DiCaprio said.