Leonardo DiCaprio news: Actor credits father for success


Leonardo DiCaprio is proud to give some of the credit for his success to his father, George.

People Magazine reports that “The Revenant” actor has been exposed to underground comics, hippie concerts, and great films at a very young age. Thanks to his father, who is now 72 years old, Leo has become one of the most influential actors today.

“My father has always been a huge force with me,” the actor, now 41, told GQ in 2011.

His father, who took him to comic book stores when he was young, has written two issues of “Greaser” and published “Yama Yama/The Ugly Head.”

“At a young age, I was exposed to, like, the most hardcore hippie subculture any young man would be subject to, with the Fabulous Freak Brothers, ‘Zap’, and ‘Weirdo’ comics,” Leo told USA Weekend in 2010.

Leo’s earliest performance dates back when he was three years old. The actor recalled how his dad brought him to a hippie concert and made him dance on stage while the people chanted, waiting for the band to come up.

When he was nine, his dad brought him to see “Midnight Run” and introduced him to the “great actor” Robert De Niro. Ten years later, the young actor got to work with De Niro in “The Boy’s Life” (1993).

George also reviewed scripts for Leo to help him decide on which film to star in. In fact, Leo didn’t star in “Total Eclipse” if it weren’t for his father.

Recently, Leo mentioned his father when he visited Pope Francis in Vatican City on Jan. 28. The actor gifted the pontiff with a book containing artworks of artist Hieronymus Bosch, which one of them, he said, was hung by his father above his crib when he was a baby.