Leica M Typ 240 camera news: 'Leica la carte' gives users control over designs and features


While camera customization isn’t a totally new concept and Pentax was first to offer a palette of custom color combinations, Leica is now taking the process to a whole other level. On top of custom engravings and design accents, Leica customers can now also select specific features for the Leica M Typ 240 full-frame interchangeable-lens camera.

First on the company’s new a la carte camera configurator are the leather accent colors. Leica has done away with the basic black and glossy silver of yesteryears. Customers can now choose from a palette consisting of medium gray, green, dark red, bright red, and dark blue. There are two different embossed patterns available for the leather, as well as body finish options of black enamel, black chrome, and silver chrome. After choosing from all these, customers can then move on to the custom engraving. They can even opt to keep or remove the red Leica badge on the front of the camera.

And then the fun begins. Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to add a frame-selection lever that will enable them to simulate six different focal lengths into the viewfinder. Customers can pick Gorilla glass or sapphire crystal glass for the back display, choose between black or silver for the back navigation button, and opt for video recording – or not.

Leica will begin offering customizations to the menu options and associated controls in April 2016.

The price of a customized Leica M Typ 240 will depend upon the customizations made by the customer. Prices for the Leica M camera start at $6,000. There is a less-costly entry-level version, the Typ 242, that is priced at $5,195. The Typ 242 offers the same basic functions but lacks video and live view. It has a quieter shutter than the Typ 240 so that its users can focus on the “essence of rangefinder photography.”

Those who wish to gift or get a Leica M Typ 240 for Christmas can now start customizing and have their cameras shipped by the end of the month.