'Legends of Tomorrow' season 2 spoilers: Trailer teases first look at upcoming four-show crossover; superheroes to fight DC Comics' Dominators


The extended trailer for the highly anticipated season 2 of The CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow” teases a glimpse of the upcoming four-way crossover between the series, “Supergirl,” “The Flash” and “Arrow.”

Titled “Out of Time,” the clip begins with the Waverider crew meeting Rex Tyler also known as Hourman (Patrick J. Adams) in 2016. The members of the Justice Society of America are also featured while they utilize their extraordinary abilities.

Meanwhile, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is then warned that Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and the rest seem to be in trouble. It turns out that the Nazis blew up New York during World War II and it will be up to the time-traveling team to change history.

Some of the scenes showcased iconic historical figures such as Albert Einstein (John Rubinstein) and the Queen of France. Interestingly, they will also encounter a horde of zombies, dinosaurs, samurais, ninjas, and the western world with Jonah Hex (Johnathon Schaech). Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), as well as Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher) also return.

Afterward, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) contacts them from 2056 saying, “I can’t risk putting any more lives in danger.” The clip ends with a reunion of all the heroes from different shows on a rooftop.

According to TV Line, the crossover will be pitting the super crew against DC Comics’ Dominators. “Arrow” and “Legends” executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals that he is taking inspiration from the late 1980s series known as “Invasion!” which feature the said alien race.

“We’re using cutting-edge prosthetics and computer effects to achieve a feature film-quality look, which is faithful to ‘Invasion!’ artist Todd McFarlane’s interpretation of the characters,” he stated. He also confirmed the return of Jamey Sheridan as Oliver’s father Robert by tweeting an image from the table read of the 100th episode of “Arrow.”

Season 2 of “Legends of Tomorrow” is slated to air on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET with the four-way crossover predicted to hit the small screen sometime later in the fall.