'Legends of Tomorrow' season 2 episode 5 spoilers: Waverider crew encounters Damien Darhk; fans to find out what happened to Rip Hunter


The Waverider crew will discover a devastating revelation in the upcoming brand-new installment of The CW’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” season 2.

Titled “Compromised” episode 5 features the Legends tracing a timequake to President Reagan’s White House. Upon traveling in time, they will be shocked to find out that their old enemy Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is now the senior adviser to the president of the United States.

As the team tries to uncover what the villain is up to, Sara (Caity Lotz) struggles with the choice of getting revenge or helping with the group’s larger mission. Meanwhile, thinking that members of Justice Society of America could help, Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Nate (Nick Zano) break into the JSA and are surprised at what they find.

Moreover, Stein (Victor Garber) will attempt to prevent his younger self from creating an even bigger time aberration.

Down the line, episode 6 dubbed “Outlaw Country” will have the heroes reeling from the news that their time travel-nemesis is a speedster when they are alerted to an aberration in the Old West. When they arrive in the place, they find their old friend Jonah Hex (Jonathan Schaech) in trouble with his arch-nemesis Quentin Turnbull (Jeff Fahey).

The team soon discovers that they need to stop Turnbull and his gang from conquering the West and making it his own lawless territory. Hex will be surprised that Sara is in charge of the mission. Despite Rory’s (Dominic Purcell) enthusiasm to be in the Wild West, Sara makes Amaya work with him on a task while Ray (Brandon Routh) and Jax (Franz Drameh) try to infiltrate Turnbull’s gang. They will soon find themselves in a shootout that leaves Nate’s confidence shaken.

For fans wondering when Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) will come back, showrunner Marc Guggenheim told TV Line that the search for him is something that is always going on either in the background or the foreground.

“We don’t want to change the mission statement [from] ‘fixing aberrations’ to ‘saving Rip.’ The bat’s sort of been taken out of their hands, in the sense that there’s no way to find Rip. But you will find out [what happened to him] before the Legends do,” he teased.

Season 2 episode 5 of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is slated to air on Thursday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. EST, to be followed by episode 6 on Nov. 17.