'Legends of Tomorrow' rumor: One legend to be killed off?


The pilot episode of “Legends of Tomorrow” was shown last week and the first chapter was hot and fast paced. This fresh TV series from The CW is populated by a number of heroes, culled out from some of the network’s successful series such as “The Flash” and “Arrow,” but there are some, such as a writer for Buddy TV, who believe that some of them might, or should, be killed off. 

IGN points out that the show’s strength lies in the imperfection of the heroes — that they are flawed and conflicted. However, one primary criticism about this new series is that there’s just too many heroes in it.

Heroes are capable of doing a lot of super special feats and skirting one danger from another. But even in television shows, their lives could also be in jeopardy. The CW has not been timid in killing off some of the main characters in its TV series. Both “Arrow” and “The Flash” have had one of their main characters killed off in their final episodes. With “Legends of Tomorrow” joining the network and comprised of eight superheroes, will its last episode have one of them killed off as well?

The plot of the story is about Rip Hunter assembling a motley crew of superheroes from 2016 and time-travelling them back to 1975 to prevent Vandal Savage from being the world’s worst tyrant in 2166. Hunter tells his crew of eight that they could become legends in the future if they could stop Savage early on. 

But only two of the crew, Carter and Kendra, both reincarnations of ancient gods, have an ax to grind against Savage, their servant who killed them in their past lives. The others do not have any manner of relationship with this villain whatsoever.

Granted there are three pairs in the group who are close to each other. That makes the other two members kind of distant from the rest. So, the guess is maybe one of them, or maybe one of the pairs, will be sacrificed at the end of the season. Who will it be?