Legend of Zelda Wii U release date pushed back to 2016 to make it more exceptional; other titles to tide fans over til next year


There has been buzz about the downward trend of sales for Nintendo Wii U, a touchpad controller game console, given that game pads are not the first choice for playing nowadays.

According to rumors, popular title Legend of Zelda will come in Wii U to help boost the sales of the gaming platform and prevent it from being phased out. Expected to be released on the last quarter of this year, the game has been pushed to 2016. If the rumors are true, a game with such redeeming factor will not be lightly delayed without underlying reason. What could possibly be on the developers’ minds?

Legend of Zelda is a fantasy and action-adventure role playing video game. It is a best selling game for Nintendo, with over 6.5 million in sales, and is considered as one of the most influential and spiritual forerunner of role playing games. With its popularity, it is no wonder that the game continues to hook players.

The game coming to Wii U was initially announced in the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) event last year, but there have been very little information about it ever since. It was set to be released October to November this year, but last March, video game producer Eiji Aounuma apologized to fans, saying that releasing the video game is no longer a priority as they will be producing the best video game ever for the game pad console.

He said that instead of meeting the deadline as main objective, the team will bring in great ideas to make Legend of Zelda astonishing once it comes out on Wii U. He added that the additional time would be utilized well and promised to reward Legend of Zelda fans for waiting, as reported by Master Herald.

Despite this, there are several other titles which will be released on Wii U this year, including Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Wolly World, Star Fox Zero, Mario Tennis: Ultrasmash, and Xenoblade Chronicles X, which could make up for Legend of Zelda in the time being, according to Time.