Legend of Zelda news expected at E3 conference; Linkle may appear on Hyrule Warriors


Despite Nintendo’s statement that they will not be including The Legend of Zelda Wii U to its line up of announcements for the E3 2015 conference, fans are banking on a rumor that the company will back down and finally give Zelda fans news about the game’s development.

It can be recalled that the game’s release was stalled suddenly when Nintendo announced in March that it was no longer making a 2015 release a top priority.

However, fansite Hiddentriforce sparked fans’ curiosity as it cited some tidbits shared by a ‘company source.’

The source claimed that Ganondorf will not serve as the game’s main villain and that the game will introduce a new enemy. Storywise, the plot will still be connected to the long established Goron race and will develop Link’s deeper relationships with the people he will encounter in the game.

The source also said that Amiibo will give Link specific items he will need for his quest.

Unlike Zelda, news about Hyrule Warriors may possibly be released at the E3 conference.

Hyrule Warriors publisher Koei Tecmo recently posted a trailer for the Legend of Zelda spinoff game which will be unveiled soon on Nintendo 3DS, The Verge reported.

The trailer, which may have been released prematurely, has since been taken down.

Based on the trailer, the game looks pretty consistent with the console version. It uses the 3DS’s second screen to show the in game map.

In related Hyrule Warriors news, fans now believe that 3DS version of the game may finally feature a female version of Link, Kotaku reported.

The female Link, Linkle was originally designed with a crossbow as her main weapon. Unfortunately, the character got cut from the final game.

In a report by Kotaku, observant fans spotted a crossbow lying about in a promotional image leading them to believe that Linkle may have finally been included in the game.