‘The Leftovers’ season 3 cast news, spoilers: Justin Theroux, Damon Lindelof preview final season

A promotional image for "The Leftovers" (Facebook/TheLeftoversHBO)

Is Kevin Garvey, Jr. (Justin Theroux) the modern Messiah? The third season of “The Leftovers” opened with flashbacks.

In 1844, a self-proclaimed prophet failed to guess the second coming of Christ.

Then, three years ago, a drone launched a missile and annihilated millions of people. It should be noted that in season 1, a woman named Nora (Carrie Coon) claimed that the government has a device capable of vaporizing people.

At the present time, Kevin and his son, Tom (Chris Zylka), are now cops, and Laurie (Amy Brenneman) got married to John (Kevin Carroll).

Dean (Michael Gaston) paid Kevin a visit to inform him of a canine-kind of apocalypse, which the latter declined to believe.

Alone at the precinct, Kevin wrapped a plastic bag around his face. He was interrupted, however, when Tom told him that a group of protesters dropped drums of toxic materials into the Miracle Spring where Matt (Christopher Eccleston), now a town minister, will perform baptisms.

The chief rushed to the site and jumped into the water to see if it is toxic. Luckily, the claim was a hoax. Matt baptized him instead. However, Dean returned and tried to shoot at Kevin. Tom came to the rescue and shot Dean’s head.

Later on, Kevin learned that Matt wrote a gospel about him, dubbed as the “Book of Kevin.” The reverend surrendered the only copy of the book to Kevin, who was about to burn it when a skywriter flew in announcing the upcoming Oct. 14 anniversary.

In Australia, a nun asked an older woman, who looked like Nora, if she’s familiar with the name Kevin. The woman, however, said no.

“I was always shocked and surprised as I got the scripts. I never knew where it was going to go,” Theroux told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s like being a dog. You can only be in the moment. And the next episode Damon [Lindelof, show creator] would throw another ball for me,” he added.

“I think for thousands of years, every generation has had the narcissism to believe that the world will end while they are alive, and our show is populated with incredible narcissists including myself, and we thought it was only fitting to end the world on the show as well,” Lindelof added.

The next episode of “The Leftovers” season 3 will air on April 23 on HBO.