'Left 4 Dead 3' release date update: Zombie FPS to arrive in 2017, to include new characters?


Rumors and speculations about Valve’s zombie apocalypse survival horror first-person shooter (FPS) “Left 4 Dead” video game series continue to rise, with recent claims suggesting a release date sometime next year for “Left 4 Dead 3.”

Among the biggest titles in Valve’s plethora of acclaimed FPS titles, “Left 4 Dead” stands out with its feature of a four-player co-op and zombie apocalypse setting. It is also one of the many examples of the memetic status of Valve’s supposed inability to count higher than the number “2,” with all of the company’s numbered games never seeing a third installment. The list includes “Half-Life 2,” “Half-Life 2: Episode 2,” “Portal 2” and “Team Fortress 2.”

Rumors recently surfaced with speculations reporting that Valve is actually now working on “Left 4 Dead 3” with a planned release date of sometime in 2017, about eight years after the release of the last game in the series.

If the rumors hold true, the interim between the game and its predecessor is peculiar considering “Left 4 Dead 2” released precisely one year after the first game. The rumors also suggest that there are already known details about the game, specifically with its new cast of characters.

Reportedly, “Left 4 Dead 3” will follow the previous game’s formula of featuring four main characters comprised of one female and three males. The characters’ alleged names are Katherine, Irvin, Keenan and Garrett Jr.

For their elements, the personalities of the characters will also follow the series’ formula of the three males being essential archetypes. Irvin is allegedly a gangster, meaning that he will be the “hoodlum” character after outlaw biker Francis and con artist Nick; Keenan will possibly be the “optimistic” character, after office worker Louis and young mechanic Ellis; Garrett Jr. will reportedly be a famous Kenpo fighter, which might mean that he will be the “leader” character which will combine the combat and sports backgrounds of war vet Bill and Coach.

It should be noted that the above are only rumors, with there being no official statement from Valve. Until then, players can make do with the recent announcement that “Left 4 Dead” would be made available for the Xbox One via the Backward Compatibility feature.