'Law & Order: SVU' season 17 spoilers: Olivia's team are faced an old nemesis


Fans of the long running “Law and Order: SVU” season 17 have yet to recover from the events in “Melancholy Pursuit,” but the next episode promises to be equally exciting.

It can be recalled that in pisode 8, Olivia and the team were faced with indescribable tension when her son Noah goes missing, while they were innocently playing in the playground. Tension was further heightened when another girl went missing, VCPost reported.

In the next episode titled “Depravity Standard,” the team will be faced with the challenge of reconstructing the case of a child abductor after he rejects a plea.

“Child abductor Lewis Hodda’s trial date has arrived finally, and Benson focuses on the proceedings in order to make sure Hodda is convicted. However, when Hodda rejects a plea, Barba must reconstruct his case from decades-old evidence and depositions. Then a familiar face returns as a defense expert, and the prosecution is dealt another blow,” the synopsis read.

“It was the case that haunted Benson her entire life,” a plug for the episode said. It further teased the return of Tom Sizemore as Hodda, who will be facing trial for his crimes. However, just as he is about to be tried, he pleads innocent and claims that he was framed for the crime.

It is expected that Olivia and the team will have to rebuild their case against Hodda in their biggest showdown to make him accountable for his actions.

Lewis Hodda’s character initially appeared in the show’s 300<sup>th episode “Manhattan Vigil” in 2012 as the building manager who was found responsible for kidnapping young boys, burying them in old buildings, and setting the structures on fire.

The episode was lauded by television critics for being a gut-wrenching depiction of life in the city, the behavior of the community, and the police force who can be haunted for years by a senseless crime.