'Law and Order: SVU' season 17 spoilers, plot news: Benson goes after Manhattan's powerful men in latest episode


“Law and Order: SVU” is in for a major controversy when a new episode airs this week. Titled “The Manhattan Critic,” Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and her team will be caught up in the politics of Manhattan as they are slated to investigate people of power around the city.

In a report by The Futon Critic, the Manhattan Special Victims Unit will be looking into the sexual exploitation of underage Catholic school girls that will lead to charging a handful of men in power including judges, legislators, District Attorneys, and some members of the NYPD.

In a new promo clip for the episode, it looks like the team will be going on a stakeout to delve deeper in the situation where they will see some familiar faces as contributors to the illegal activity. Given the sensitivity of the situation, Benson’s pursuit of the men will not sit well with ADA Barba (Raul Esparza) wherein the former will tell her, “You and I are done talking.” The clip ends with Benson taking her name plate off her table. While the odds of the division being fully scrapped and Benson leaving office is a bit farfetched, it is still interesting how they will rectify the situation and bring down the men who are pulling the ropes against them.

Meanwhile, the veteran actress, who has been in the “Law and Order” spin off series since day 1, recently took her job to real life by supporting the ongoing debacle that singer Ke$ha is facing. She took to her personal Twitter account to voice out her support of the singer joining the list of celebrities sending their love to the troubled star.

“For many survivors, speaking out is the hardest part. It’s also only the first step. Sending u strength @KeshaRose as u move through this,” Hargitay tweeted last week.

As of now, Ke$ha is still currently taking her appeal to have her contract severed with music producer Dr. Luke, who she accused of sexually harassment.

“Law and Order: SVU” will air its new episode tomorrow night, 9 P.M. EST on NBC.