'Law and Order: SVU' season 17, episode 13 spoilers: Benson and company delve deeper on a rape case without a willing witness


“Law and Order: SVU” will return with brand new episodes. This time, SSgt. Olivia Benson (Marishka Hargitay) and her squad at the Manhattan SVU (Special Victims Unit) division will be tackling a rape case. However, unlike any other rape cases, this one will be a little bit more complicated given that there will be no willing witnesses.

In the official teaser trailer released for episode 13 titled “Forty One Witnesses,” Benson was shown in a courtyard like area of an apartment building where the crime happened. What the team of detectives found odd was that logistically, the scene of the offense could be seen from multiple angles from numerous windows around the apartment complex. Yet, every single person that they asked claimed that they did not hear or see anything during the time of the crime.

In true “SVU” fashion, the crime could possible mean that there would be a bigger picture other than a simple sexual assault case. Moreover, Benson and her team would try to delve deeper into it until evidences and testimonies lead them to the right perpetrator.

Meanwhile, before the show went on a one week hiatus, Hargitay was able to get behind the cameras again. This is the third time that the lead veteran actress admitted that working for 17 years in “SVU” is definitely a huge help.

“I use research on SVU. But when I direct, I study it like someone might for a test. It helps, too, that I’ve been working on this show for 17 years and have the Joyful Heart Foundation [which helps survivors of sexual assualt], so I have an intimate knowledge of the subject matter,” she said to TV Line.

“Law and Order: SVU” will be back on Feb. 3, 9 P.M. EST on NBC.