'Law and Order' revival: NBC wrangling with 'Law and Order' revival idea 'to do it right'


Veteran procedural and legal drama series “Law and Order” may be up for a revival, but NBC executives Dick Wolf, executive producer of the three “Chicago” network dramas, and Robert Greenblatt, NBC Chairman, are still wrangling out the idea in order “to do it right.”

Variety quoted Greenblatt as saying at a Chicago party for the network’s trilogy of “Chicago” shows, “We’ve been talking about it on and off for the past year or so, trying to figure out how to do it right.” Greenblatt continued, “We would only do a close-ended [season]. I don’t think we’d start the show up again. Nothing’s ruled out, but I think initially we’re thinking, let’s just do another set of episodes and see what we have and take it from there.”

The plan is to pick out the cast members from among those who have previously starred on the show and start it out with 10 to 13 episodes.

The trick would be getting everybody together, though, as Wolf pointed out, “Everybody involved is busy. It’s scheduling. I know Sam [Waterston] wants to do it.”

However, Greenblatt said Wolf and he would go on and “wrangle” with the revival idea, as they have been doing now on and off for close to a year. What’s taken for granted is that the revival will be set in New York, same as the original series.

Wolf commented, “It doesn’t matter when it goes on. It can go on mid-season.” And he added, “It’s just when everybody can time their schedules to do it.”

Rene Balcer has been considered a possible showrunner for the envisaged revival, a “Law and Order” veteran who appeared during its most well received runs.

Balcer “knows ‘Law & Order,'” Wolf said. “If he’s available when everybody else frees up, he’d be the obvious first choice.”

“Law and Order” aired originally on NBC, premiering Sept. 13, 1990, completing its final season, the 20th, in May 2010. It was the longest-running crime drama series on American television.

As Greenblatt pointed out in remarks to the party crowd, the “L&O” franchise has churned out a grand total of 1,053 hours of television and has employed more than 35,000 actors.

“Law and Order: SVU” is a spinoff of the series and still airs on NBC week nights. As for the revival, it may still be some time before fans get something more concrete. But let the “wrangling” end sooner.