Lamar Odom latest news, rumors: Khloe Kardashian told to 'get out' but foots hospital bill nonetheless


Talk has been going around that NBA two-time champion Lamar Odom kicked out his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian of reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” from his hospital room.

Apparently, according to Us Weekly, Odom has been getting an earful from his family who have allegedly been saying some negative things about his ex. Someone from the Odom family is said to have revealed to the publication that Kardashian had not allowed Odom’s kids to see him, this despite earlier reports that it was she who had paid to fly his children and his aunt to Las Vegas so they could visit the former Lakers player at his bedside. 

Odom, who is confined untill now in Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles while recovering from what has been reported to be an overdose at a Nevada brothel on Oct. 13, had allegedly grown tired of his family’s disrespect of Kardashian that he struck out by telling them all to leave his room, including Kardashian. Talk is said to have reached him that Kardashian may have just been using his confinement to gain publicity and further her own career, and he reportedly felt upset about the People magazine cover story she did. 

Us Weekly quotes a source as saying, “Lamar said he needed space and wanted to be alone. He told her to get out.”

However, another source denied that Odom ever told Kardashian to “get out” or that she has been controlling who gets to visit him at the hospital. 

Despite all the speculations as to her actions or motives, Kardashian has reportedly kept up payments for Odom’s costly hospitalization, insisting she does not care how much it would cost and has even instructed Odom’s doctors to give him the “very best treatment money can buy.” 

An inside source revealed to Radar Online, “Lamar is still a rich man on paper, but he’s cash poor because most of his savings are tied up. He burned through an absolute fortune on drugs and hookers this past year or two, so finding immediate funds for these huge private health care bills is getting difficult.” 

Right now, Kardashian is “focused on making sure Lamar is stabilized,” Us Weekly quotes a close source. 

Odom’s confinement is related to his earlier brush with death when he was found unconscious last month at the legal brothel Love Ranch where he was said to have overdosed on drugs.