'Kung Fu Panda 3' news: Jack Black, Kate Hudson teased characters; DreamWorks president hopes film will give investors first look at new business model


In preparation for the upcoming release of the highly anticipated film “Kung Fu Panda 3,” DreamWorks has been releasing a series of promotional materials featuring some clips of the movie and interviews of the star-studded cast discussing their thoughts about their roles.

Kate Hudson and Jack Black shared that Nunchuck Princess named Mei-mei is a really cool character. “I did a Mei-mei theme song. It’s gonna be dropping pretty soon. It’s probably gonna be viral,” teased Black.

Their interview was then followed by a clip showing Mei-mei and her story and training from being their village’s famed ribbon dancer to becoming a fierce warrior who is skilled with nunchucks. Lead character Po narrates her struggles through a rock song. The video ended with Black saying “What a perfect song” with Hudson laughing and quipping with, “That was so good!”

According to The Wrap, DreamWorks Animation president Ann Daly said that “Kung Fu Panda 3” will give the moviegoers and the studio’s investors a look at the company’s new business model.

After having a hard year that has seen massive restructuring actions such as laying off 500 employees, selling the campus in Glendale, California, and only releasing one film for 2015 titled “Home,” Daly expressed her excitement on what the film could offer.

“I feel really good about it, after having spent so many years developing this intellectual property and now being able to take into all these other businesses, where our customer brand matters,” she said to the attendees of UBS media conference in New York City.

“This has been a hard year, but we have retooled and emerged with a new leadership team, we’re very focused and we now have the experience to effectively exploit our properties and talent fully,” she added.

Meanwhile, chief executive officer Jeffrey Katzenberg announced that there will be a customized Mandarin version of the film for its Chinese fans. The version is not merely a dubbed one but a redesign and a remake of the script with the addition of dialect elements to help the Chinese audience get the punchlines.

“Kung Fu Panda 3” is originally slated to be released on Dec. 23, but it was delayed in order to not compete with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” It is scheduled to hit the big screen on Jan. 29, 2016 instead.