Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick news: Kourtney thinks Scott is flaking out on their kids


It seems like Kourtney Kardashian may have finally had it with Scott Disick’s constant flaking on his responsibilities with his children in the latest episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

While Us Weekly reported that Scott spent the night at Kourtney’s guest room while he waited for a private room to be available at a rehab facility, it seems like rekindling the romance may not be part of the agenda.

In a conversation with her sister, Kim reportedly asked Kourtney about the open door policy that Scott seems to be enjoying in the life of her sister and their kids. Kourtney addressed this by saying that she just wanted the situation with the kids to be normal.

Kourtney, however, acknowledged Scott’s inconsistency. Likewise, she expressed her disappointment and said that whatever she is trying to do to help him out is not doing him any favors.

In the end, it was Kris who made the move to clarify the relationship status of her daughter and Scott after the latter complained that Kourtney finally removed the barcodes so he couldn’t get into the house anytime he wanted, reported E! Online.

In order to shed light on the matter, Kris called up Kourtney to clear up the issue of Scott’s perceived open door policy in the house.

“There was, but that has changed. He was flaking too often, every time I tried to have him sit and have dinner with them [kids] he sits in the other room on his phone. He flaked on going to the kid’s first day of school…. When really he went out and partied through the next day,” she said in frustration. Kourtney added that she made the decision because she felt Scott was thinking of himself first instead of the children, and what she really wants for her kids is a parent who is “present to provide them with a beneficial experience, not something that’s harmful.”