'Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV' news: future of CG movies in Japan


In preparation for the release of the much-awaited “Final Fantasy XV” from Square Enix, the film adaptation of the franchise titled “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV” is making its mark around the world.

According to The Wired, the movie sets the stage for the upcoming role-playing game as it explores the backstory and establishes the stakes as two nations go to war against each other. The story revolves around Nyx Ulric, a Kingsglaive soldier loyal to the country of Lucis and to Lunafreya, the princes of Tenebrae who is set to wed the game’s protagonist, Noctis. Nyx serves as the bodyguard of the royal member as she holds the fate of the kingdom and everyone in her hands.

The voice actors include high-profile Hollywood stars such as “Breaking Bad” alum Aaron Paul, as well as “Game of Thrones” actors Lena Headey and Sean Bean. In an interview with the news outlet, director Takeshi Nozue revealed that when it comes to the casting, “From the beginning, ‘Final Fantasy’ has been a global franchise, so I had them in mind from the start in order to appeal to a worldwide audience and not just a Japanese one.”

Nozue added that more Japanese studios are starting to adopt computer-generated (CG) animation in recent years, “One thing that’s been great about releasing ‘Kingsglaive’ in the age of the internet is that a lot of the audience recognise it’s for the world, not just one particular region.” The director added that as viewers have seen the feature film and the teasers of the game at the recently held Gamescom 2016, he is hoping that they are now “looking forward” to the release of “Final Fantasy XV.”

“Kingsglaive” first premiered in in Japan, followed by a limited run in the United States. It is now available in Blu-Ray and Digital HD copies. Meanwhile, “Final Fantasy XV” is slated to launch on Nov. 29 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.