Kingdom Hearts III release date, news: Tetsuya Nomura confirms story linked to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X [chi]


An announcement for Kingdom Hearts III could come as early as June 16 this year, but no release date has been confirmed for the much awaited video game.

However, lead developer Tetsuya Nomura has raised the hopes of fans when he bared that news will soon be available about the beloved franchise, Ecumenical News reported.

“We have some interesting things planned. There will be Kingdom Hearts 3 news, and various things, I think. Development on Kingdom Hearts 3 is going smoothly, but there will also be new announcements connected to it,” he said.

Fans have been clamoring for official updates from Square Enix, the studio behind Kingdom Hearts after reports surfaced that popular Disney characters Elsa from Frozen, LucasFilm’s Darth Vader and most recently Marvel’s Captain America were going to be part of the character line up for the latest installment of the KH franchise.

In a recent interview with Japanese publication Famitsu Weekly that was released by fansite, Nomura said that while he could not get into too much detail to keep from spoiling the fans, he confirmed that the story of KH III is related to the story of KH Unchained X.

“KHX’s main story doesn’t reach KHIII’s timeline, but there are some pieces you pick up, and those pieces will be what pushes the plot forward from here onwards….Now, KH Un X’s story is fundamentally the same as KHX’s, of course, but since they are two games, we’re setting up ways so you’d like to play both,” he said.

Kingdom Hearts X is a Kingdom Hearts video game exclusive to the PC platform that was released in 2013 while Kingdom Hearts Unchained X [chi] is the Android and iOS version that is based on the former.