'Kingdom Hearts III' release date, news: Game director shares progress in developing third main title


This year is the “Kingdom Hearts” series’ 15th Anniversary, and the fans are hoping that “Kingdom Hearts III” will be released to commemorate the event. Unfortunately, that may not the case as the game director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently explained the progress of the sequel.

Nomura has spoken with Famitsu magazine (via Kingdom Hearts Insider) and stated that the sequel of the Disney-meets-anime game is still under development. He admitted that his team was still working on worlds that were not finished yet. “Worlds we haven’t announced yet tend to be further along in development,” he said.

The game director confirmed some advancement in the upcoming series, claiming it’s a “step forward toward its evolution.” He asserted, “I concentrated on developing actions that involved even more valiant, dynamic movements.”

As the system update goes, Situation Commands will be available. “In Kingdom Hearts III’s battles there are a huge amount of options, so players can actively choose which command they wish to fire off,” Nomura confirmed.

While talking with Gematsu, Nomura affirmed that the game production is progressing and on time. He assured that the next series is really worth the wait.

“I am very sorry, but to that degree I will make a game that will meet your expectations,” he claimed referring to both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Regarding the storyline of the soon-to-be-released “Kingdom Hearts” series, it was reported that details were found in the new packaging of Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai Sora action figure.

The packaging depicted a grown-up Sora (the game’s protagonist), together with his two friends, embarking on a new journey to find the seven guardians of light and “the Key to Return Hearts” in order to prevent Master Xehanort’s planned second Keyblade War.

Meanwhile, instead of the third game, “Kingdom Hearts 2.8″ HD Final Chapter Prologue” is released on Tuesday, Jan. 24, as a PlayStation 4-exclusive game.