'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date still uncertain – what to expect


Fans have been waiting to hear some details as well as the release date of “Kingdom Hearts 3” ever since the game was previewed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event last year. However, recent reports may have hinted that the game is still in the early stages of development and may launch early next year.

Earlier this month, Quinton Flynn, the voice behind the character Axel of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” admitted that he has not been tapped to do voice recordings for the title. On his Twitter page he said, “Speaking of Axel, when is the new Kingdom Hearts going into production? Step it up. Quinton needs to pay his bills!”

When a fan asked again about the game, Flynn confirmed that he has not yet started recording the voice for the character. Given this, there are speculations that the game may be delayed, but there are some who are still hopeful and believe that it may be announced at the E3 event this June.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” continue to be one of the most-anticipated titles in Japan and most likely even in other regions. According to Gaming Bolt, Famitsu’s charts of the “most wanted” games consistently include “Kingdom Hearts 3” in the top 10, with last week’s list noting it at ninth.

To date, no official announcement has been made regarding the launch date of the title. Nonetheless, it continues to be up for pre-order on Amazon, which pins down the release date on Dec. 30 this year. The title is sold at $59.94 for PlayStation 4 consoles and $59 for the Xbox One as of writing. On the other hand, Game Spot still lists the title with an unknown release date. Given this, it is best to wait for the official word from Square Enix.